Treating Water
Protecting Life



Core business —



Barchemicals Group is a wholly Italian reality
today consists of 4 companies that share
projects, visions and values.

It operates in the sector of primary,
drinking and swimming pool water treatment,
both in Italy and abroad, ranging from 360 °
to each management problems,

particularly with regard to the sector disinfection and
water treatment, disinfection and environmental
, control and automation.


Market segments

The group operates in various segments thanks to the different member companies. Each of these in fact
has been set up to provide Barchemicals Group customers with a comprehensive and specialised service.

Water treatment —


In business since 1984, the principal group company
is leader in the water treatment and
swimming-pool sector, with respect for the environment.

Thanks to an innovative and efficient production system,
Barchemicals designs and manufactures
top-quality and reliable chemical specialities within its own facility
for the treatment and safety of the water we use.

Planning and manufacturing of plants —



Engineering Corporation is a leading manufacturer
of water treatment plants and control and dosing systems.

The strength of its Made in Italy technology lies in
the high level of reliability, safety and innovation in its
products, offering a wide range of solutions and products.

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Specific services in treatment and disinfection of water —



Barchemicals Biopharma was set up to ensure
the health of people by providing specific services
in treatment and disinfection of water.

Barchemicals Biopharma was set up to meet the need
to ensure the health of people, by providing
specific services in 
diagnostic, preventive, treatment
and disinfection of water. 
Leveraging more than a decade 
of chemical-pharmaceutical skills, it is engaged in
R&D of products, systems and methods
to ensure balance and bio-safety of
drinking, sanitary and recreational waters.

Treating Water
Protecting Life